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Hand held X-Ray Systems

ClearView Hand Held X-Ray | Kodex Inc.

The ClearView handheld x-ray system represents the latest technology in providing high resolution real time x-ray imaging for numerous types of x-ray inspection applications. Its light weight and battery operation permits x-ray imaging in the laboratory and in the field at a very affordable cost.



· Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)

· Narcotics / Contraband Detection

· Non-Evasive Searches

· Forensic Investigation

· Correctional Facilities

· Non-Destructive Testing / Quality Control

· Food / Pharmaceutical Inspection

· Failure Analysis

· Emergency Medical Service

· Veterinary

ClearView Hand Held X-Ray | Kodex Inc.


The Clearview x-ray system is an extremely lightweight real time x-ray inspection system. It has been designed to provide instant x-ray imaging with it's self contained x-ray source and the latest in image conversion technology in a hand held portable unit. The entire system operates off one rechargeable Ni-HS 12VDC battery or mains supply. All items are contained within a padded aluminum briefcase for easy transportation and protection.

Viewing Area:

50mm High Resolution Image Intensifier





Image Luminance:

18cd/m2 - 450nm


Output Voltage:

60kVp - 0.1mA





Output Dose:

>0.25 R/min @ 1 meter


Dose Leakage:

<0.05mr/hr @ 1ft


Power Supply:

80-240VAC - 50/60 Hz - 12VDC



Ni-H@ Rechargeable





Shipping Dimensions:

540mm x 400mm x 300mm


- Video Image Display

- 8mm Video Recording

- Frame Grabbing



In conformance with USA BRH health and safety regulations.


System Components:

ClearView Imagers

Power Supply / Battery / Charger

Interconnection Cable

Mains Power Cable

Operating Manual

Robust Aluminum Briefcase

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