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New for 2001, the XRS-3 X-ray source will penetrate one inch of steel when used with Polaroid ® film and an Optex intensifying screen.

XRS-3 Size:  XRS-3 Radiation Leakage: 
7.5" (790mm) high x 4.5" (115mm) wide x 14" (356mm) long 3 mR per 100 pulses measured 2 inches behind the unit
XRS-3 Weight:  XRS-3 Exposure Control: 
12lbs (5.4kg) with battery LCD can be set for 1-99 pulses
XRS-3 DC Mode:  XRS-3 Source Size: 
14.4V removable, rechargeable nickel cadmium battery, 4000 pulses per charge 3 mm nominal
XRS-3 Battery Recharge Time:  XRS-3 Time Delay: 
1 hour recharge with supplied external battery charger Push button triggering of 15 or 60 seconds delay-allowing time to leave area before unit fires
XRS-3 Pulse Rate:  XRS-3 Output Dose: 
15 pulses per second nominal 2.5 mR/pulse +/- 0.5 mR at 12 inches from source
XRS-3 Pulse Length:  XRS-3 Maximum photon energy: 
50 nanoseconds Unknown (Up to 300 kV projected)
XRS-3 Maximum Pulses:  XRS-3 Warranty: 
100 pulses every three minutes, 2000 pulses per hour Unit warranty-1 year limited

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