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Nuctech™ Security X-Ray Systems

Nuctech CT6040BT | Kodex Inc.

Nuctech™ provides high-performance, efficient security x-ray screening solutions designed and manufactured by Nuctech. Their airline/package screening system and Correctional Body Scanners utilize the latest in low dose x-ray technology, provide near instant high resolution images in the highest security applications.

Nuctech CT5030T | Kodex Inc.

Nuctech™ offers the highest radiation safety and security systems for a wide variety of applications, including Corrections Facilities, Law Enforcement, Transportation Security, School Safety, Courthouses and numerous other applications.

HT2100DV_HT2100GA | Kodex Inc.

The Nuctech™ HT2100DV dual view body scanner provides high-quality images and state-of-the-art processing software. It detects metallic and non-metallic weapons, drugs, explosives, liquid, jewelry, electronic devices and other forms of contraband.

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