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Digital X-Ray Imaging Services:

Kodex is pleased to announce the opening of a state of the art digital x-ray imaging laboratory featuring the latest in micro-focus x-ray sources, Computed Radiography (CR) and Direct Radiography (DR) as well as realtime x-ray imaging capability. Our service is available on a per image or per hour basis with same day imaging turn around provided. We also offer these services at your facility. We welcome visitors and are pleased to provide sample imaging at no charge of your products or components.


In the case of forensic fire and related investigative imaging services expert witness testimony is available. All images are safely retained in our database for future reference and the RAW and .jpg or .bmp images are provided on CD/DVD.

X-Ray Security Services:

Short Term Rentals/Leases:


Kodex Inc. offers turnkey rentals/leases of security x-ray scanners and walk through metal/weapons detectors. X-Ray Systems are available from stock for Corporate Board and Stockholders Meetings, Rock Concerts, Museums, Conventions and related high security applications where short term screening of hand carried items and personal monitoring may be required.


Our staff delivers and installs the x-ray equipment and trains your guard service staff in its use and operation. We also maintain a list of local guard services familiar with personal x-ray screening and monitoring.




Kodex Inc. provides complete training in the use of x-ray screening systems, recognition of suspect explosive devices and weapons, radiation safety at your facility or ours regardless of the type of system you may currently be utilizing. This includes high security mail/package screening and carry-on luggage for airport security applications.


Included is similar training in the use of walk-through metal detectors and hand held metal detectors.


Security Consulting:


Consulting services are available for architects and general contractors for design and placement of x-ray and metal detectors in Courthouse, Prisons, Schools and related construction where personal monitoring of critical entrances may be required.

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