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Golden Engineering XR200 Portable X-Ray Systems

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Metals / Walk-through Weapons Detectors

Varian PaxScan 4030E Digital X-Ray Detector

LTX-1717 Digital Flat Panel X-Ray Detector

LTX-1113 Portable Flat Panel - Coming Soon

Handheld Weapons Detectors / Walk-through Weapons Detectors

Garrett Super Scanner Handheld Weapons Detectors

Garrett Super Wand Handheld Weapons Detectors

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Kodex Inc. is a distributor of metal and handheld weapons detectors for courthouse, prison, jail, airport and related security applications; Conveyorized airport type x-ray screening & portable systems for detection of explosives, weapons, narcotics & related contraband; computerized real-time automated x-ray inspection systems for detecting metal, bone fragments, plastics & related contraband In processed & cased food & pharmaceutical products; computerized real-time imaging systems utilizing image intensifiers, linear arrays & digital amorphous silicon imagers for non-destructive testing & related quality control applications.

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